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Welcome to Higher (Ed)volution: Leveraging Data to Support Learner Success, a podcast where we will delve into the possibilities of Learning Management System analytics. LMS systems have been a commonplace addition to higher education institutions over the years, but are these institutions harnessing the opportunities the data can provide? What industry challenges can be addressed by analyzing LMS data and acting on those findings? What are the pitfalls and ethical concerns institutions need to keep in mind? And what are some examples of institutions who are leading the way in innovative LMS data usage? 

This Education Dive Brand Studio podcast is sponsored by D2L, a learning platform provider that supports institutions in their pursuit of data-driven learning experiences.

May 28, 2019

LMS learning analytics can offer many opportunities for colleges and universities to improve student outcomes and institutional efficiency, but what are some of the particular choices and challenges team leaders face when using generated data to improve their institution? There's a lot to learn from those who are already in the field. Join Mark Felix, the Director of Institutional Support at the University of Arizona and Matt Dunleavy, the Executive Director of the Vinod Chachra IMPACT Lab at Virginia’s Radford University, as we discuss their takeaways from optimizing LMS analytics, from how to encourage faculty buy-in to best practices in ensuring data usage is a sustainable part of institutional self-improvement.